Monday, June 24, 2013

The fraud is so deep now

It is only common sense. There are several things that are known with complete certainty in connection with the mortgage mess.
  • We know that the banks found it necessary to forge, fabricate and alter legal documents illegally in order to create the illusion that foreclosure was proper.
  • We know that the banks manipulated the published rates on which adjustable mortgages changed their payments.
  • We know that the banks typically abandon any property that the bank has deemed to be undesirable (then why did they foreclose, when they had a perfectly good homeowner who was willing to pay something including the maintenance and insurance of the house?).
  • And we can conclude that it is far more important to the banks that they be able to foreclose and have the deed issued then to actually take possession of the property for sale or rental.
  • And so we know that the mortgage and foreclosure markets have been turned on their heads. Lynn, Massachusetts has adopted a series of regulations which appeared to be constitutional and which make it very difficult for the banks to turn neighborhoods that were thriving into blight.  The actions of this city and others who are taking similar actions will continue to reveal the true nature of the mortgage encumbrances (the lanes were never perfected because the loan was never made by the party that is claiming to be secured) and the true nature of foreclosures (the cover-up to a Ponzi scheme and an illegal securities scam that does not and never did fall within the exemptions of the 1998 law claimed by the banks).
Its also sad that Judges allowed these banks ( here in VT) to become part of the foreclosure when in fact they had no rights to it. Than they come up with documents they never had  by having Orion Financial Fraud Group make assignments and papers, or Chase after saying for a year we have your note, selling it to a private hedge fund and than claiming they never had it to begin with from Washington Mutual.  This fraud is so deep that their is no saving us now.  Not when Judges clearly give away your homes and your own Government, or AG  does nothing to stop it.

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