Saturday, June 29, 2013

Joann Kennedy fights on

This is an update from my friend Joann Kennedy , who is living a nightmare we can not imagine. The PA State Police Kelly first off needs to be fired! The rest I will let you see on your own.. We are with you Joann and so are our prayers.

tell me about nightmares,  I found out why I got the criminal trespass charge  yesterday 
 [ préssəd'nt ]   
  1. example for later action or decision: an action or decision that can be used subsequently as an example for a similar decision or to justify a similar action
  2. established practice: an established custom or practice
  3. requirement to follow earlier court decisions: the doctrine that requires a court to follow decisions of superior or previous courts
Last Friday,  6/21/13  Gerry Sullivan, DOJ  called the FHFA OIG Special Council to see if they had indeed found that phoney note.  And just like Brian Penny (whistleblower for Bof America)  had said, "that note will show up in 3 days "  And it did. 
The problem    is now Gerald Sullivan has to subpoena the FHFA OIG Special Council for the documentation.  So I was talking to Bob Morgan,  at Fed. Matt Cartwright's office  and he called the DOJ  and asked them to subpoena that note.
The reason the FHFA  won't show it  is incrimination,    Which is why Karen Briscoe duty officer in the FHFA OIG  dragged her feet  for over 2 months.   I told Bob Morgan  that I think she found that note  and then lied to US.
She needs to be fired. 
In addition, 
this is also the reason  that  Arthur didn't go back to the Lower court house,  in Northampton cause once this starts  the DOJ and AG  will be involved  the AG  has already  yelled at Arthur Jenkins for the furniture debacle  on the 6/7/13.  However, the AG  will dictate to the County DA.  If Arthur Jenkins is found to be filing false and frivolous charges - he is the fall guy  not Fannie Mae nor Wells Fargo.   I have to find a way to put so much heat on Arthur Jenkins  that he will crack and spill the truth of this colluded  activity. 
After,  going to the District Magistrate's office in Wind Gap and in Bangor, I then made my way  to State Congressman's office  Joe Emerick  and sat down with Bob Kilbanks.   I've known Bob  since I ran for LMBT supervisor  and he immediately looked at the trumped up citiations, made copies  and sent Candice's citation with the AG complaint  to AG Constituent Services.    PA STATE Trooper Brian Finn is accusing Candice, my daughter, of not changing the address on her drivers license.    Candice doesn't have a driver's license.   So the paperwork is harassment,    in addition, 
At 4:30 pm  Charlie Cascio  called  from the PA AG's office   I was trying to round up the cats  around my house and feed them  before the next round of storms  roll thru.  I have to talk to Charlie  Cascio  on Monday.
What really bothers me the most about the criminal trespass citation  is the fact that the family cats and the feral colony has been outside for almost 4 months,  and I have to sneak down there to feed them.  I have called shelters, rescues,  animal rights advocates and nothing -- no one will help me  at all.  
In addition,  my husband's boat is in the driveway.   It's broken  so it can not be moved until it is welded and repaired.  However, I am not allowed on the property to do this work cause I will be criminally trespassing.   And guess what Arthur Jenkins  has enlisted the help of the neighbors next door the Ayoubs  (remember Arthur hired Jim Ayoub of USA Enterprises to steal the appliances out of my home with PA STATE TROOPER Kelly sitting there doing nothing)
Now on the criminal complaint  Mike McCollum  is listed as a witness.   Guess what I called Lori Stauffer and asked her if she knew of this Mike McCollum  and she said  she had not.  So  a person who is not listed as a resident in LMBT is accusing me of criminal trespass.  
I won't know when the court dates are  it won't be decided till next week or maybe the following week. 
Any questions,   you know how to find me
JoAnn Kennedy
PS  Talked to Juris Doctorate J. James on Friday Morning  he can't help me  cause he an attorney  for the defense of white collar crime.  I am a victim,  however  he wished to remain in the loop and offer me consultation. 
this is what is supposed to happen.
the DOJ  receives a complaint  and the FBI  investigates 
The DOJ can not investigate the complaint  as well.  It is then the DOJ's responsibility  to decided if the victim has been harmed  either criminally or civil rights  or both.
YOUR FED Congressman  or FED SENators  can advocate on your behalf and act as the conduit.
I know both Casey and Toomey  have failed with me.
Where Matt Cartwright  and Charlie Dent  have done more than I could ever ask.   
The PA Attorney General is responsible for fraud, and civil actions for victims  --  it is up to the PA AG to inform the County DA's office of victims  circumstances.
like before 
the STATE Sen. and STATE Congressman can advocate for the victim.
I applaud  both PA STATE Sen. Lisa Boscola  and  PA STATE Congressman Emerick  for their staff.  Do you know that Mr. Emerick reads his Facebook page  wow!!!   Both have excellent staff  Matt Marks yesterday faxed over the request to PA STATE Troopers Barracks in Belfast  the request for paperwork  for submission to the PA AG's office on my behalf.  And no  you do not need a court order or a subpoena  says  JD Counselor J. James,    Corporal Mahady and his Troopers  Finn and Kelley  lied to me, my daughter,  and to Matt Marks of Sen. Lisa Boscola's office. 
this is also the avenue  for foreclosure victims to follow  nationwide  to get reparations
Well have a good day,  JoAnn Kennedy   

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