Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Proclamation and Orders of The American People

Proclamation and Orders
of The American People
We, the People
of the federated States of America, acting under our original jurisdictions in ourcapacities as living Men and Women At Law in paramount sovereign authority over our Land andCountry, do hereby resolve and proclaim our
Command to Our Armed Forces
, in each and everymanifestation, civilly and constitutionally derived, comprising but not limited to the Army, Navy, MarineCorps, Air Force, Coast Guard, State Guard and Militia units, Sheriffs, Constables of their respectivecounties and municipal Police of our communities, each and together to act forthwith upon theconcluding
we convey herein
to wit
On Authority
formally recognized by the right honorable John Jay, Chief Justice of the Supreme Courtof The United States of America, for the case of Chisholm v. Georgia, wherein he stated that
at theRevolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people, and they are truly the sovereigns of the country
, a department has been formed under the Administrative division of the United States
entityof governance, called the Department of Homeland Security, having no authorized powers enumeratedin the constitution for said Unites States, beyond those narrow activities jurisdictionally internal to saidentity, and
, such Department has amassed an armory of weapons; ammunition for said weapons,internationally declared as unlawful; and sundry implements of war, in implicitly and explicitly statedanticipation of their use against the People of America, and
, an agency exists under the Department of Defense called the National Security Agency whichhas been disclosed to carry on surveillance over the People of America for purposes of despotic politicalcontrol, in violation of Lawful Due Process and enumerated powers of Congress under constitutionalauthorization, by these presents it is thus so
, that said military forces shall, within twenty-four hours of receipt hereof, delivered at theoffices of the Provost Marshals General of The United States, fully and completely commandeer saidweaponry, ammunition and all equipment, vehicles and accoutrements of a military nature from saidDepartment of Homeland Security, preventing all acts of said Department toward such re-armament.and
It is Further Ordered
, that command and control of the said National Security Agency be hereaftermaintained solely under the direction of the United States Department of Defense, Commanders of which are to enact immediate measures to cease and desist said surveillance unless by strictly Lawfulorder of a Judge of the territorial jurisdiction in which such Man, Woman or Association is an inhabitant,subject of investigation for acts plainly of a nature physically harmful to people or property; and is
hereby further authorized directly by The People to reject any directive from any entity of governmentwhereby the same is contrary to such entity
s constitutional authorization and assertion of suchdirective is not clearly and unequivocally confirmed and delineated by the Justices of The Supreme Courtof The United States, but under no circumstance generally intrusive upon The Peoples
privacy At Law.
on this ____________ day of _________________ in the year of two thousand thirteen, AD, andthe two hundred thirty-eighth year of Our Sacred Independence.County of ________________________
State of ________________________
We, the Undersigned
indigenous Men and Women of The People comprising the above said State,solemnly affirm, depose and say in our Natural Human capacities, that Reserving All Rights, we do soendorse by our living hands, these presents, delivering same to the Provost Marshal General of ourvicinity
Affirmation of Service
, ______________________________ solemnly affirm and certify that on this ____________ day of  _________________ in the year of two thousand thirteen, AD, that I did serve the Provost Marshal, orofficial assistant thereto, Proclamation and Orders of the American People, and attached endorsementpages inclusive, by Certified United States Mail, return Receipt Requested to:Major General David E. QuantockU.S. Army Criminal Investigation CommandRussell Knox Building27130 Telegraph RoadQuantico, Virgina; (22134-2253)under witness

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