Sunday, June 30, 2013

Help this family from losing their homes to fraud

 Another sad sisuation. We need to show our strengths and voices to stop this abuse.  Sign their petition and help them save their home.

Don't Steal Our Home Freddie Mac

To: Freddie Mac

Don't Steal Our Home Freddie Mac
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Campaign created by Marcie Jacobs Icon-email

Freddie Mac prove you own our loan and that you didn't steal 
it out of the Taylor 
Bean & Whitaker Bankruptcy as is 
evidenced by MERS.

Why is this important?

Freddie Mac needs to stop stealing homes and work with homeowners. 
Freddie Mac needs to pay the appropriate transfer taxes 
to counties that are 
bankrupt like Elbert County where I live.  Freddie Mac uses 
Ocwen Loan Servicing, 
LLC, a servicer with a long and vicious record of 
abusing homeowners. 
Get rid of Ocwen Loan Servicing as your servicer, 
Freddie Mac. 
Tax Payers that bailed you out do not deserve to be 
abused by the likes of 
Ocwen on your behalf.

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  1. stop Wall Street from destroying Main Street you bet it's class war fare !!