Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friend needs help

A friend needs help.. comment in box below if you can . Thanks everyone.

I NEED HELP Wells Fargo submitted a phony bogus note with a fake address and my husband's signature to FANNIE MAE in 2005, MY HUSBAND DIED IN 1998. This March, 2013 Fannie Mae sent a broker named Art Jenkins of Pocono advantage real estate and a STATE Trooper named Corporal Mahady to my door on March 15, 2013 asking me to leave my lawful residence with the legal address with NO PAPERWORK! these two threatened me harassed me and insulted me and my 21 year old daughter home on college break. I NEED HELP NOW -- been trying to get back my home, this is more than foreclosure fraud -- this is id theft, mail fraud, and insurance fraud and the FBI, the DOJ, the PA STATE Insurance dept. the PA State Attorney General and postal inspectors do nothing absolutely nothing

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