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Courts legitimized fraud- A familys struggle and nightmare

The Courts have become nothing more than a one stop shop for Bank crimes to be legitimized

It's now time for the bankers , meaning Jamie Dimon and the rest, to be personally on site , to see and witness these homes being taken. People are not numbers , these are causalities of our governments lack of responsibility to it's people. Mr. Obama, maybe its time you as well, witness these evictions in person and explain to the families , your promise, when you wanted to be re-elected of “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can”. Their is no hope or change - just more empty promises of a politician wanting to be re-elected.


“Admitted No Wrongdoing”
We are officially locked out of our American Dream in Sedona Arizona.
By: Mike Brosnahan
July 31st, 2013, 10am, Sedona Arizona.
Chase Bank CEO, Jamie Dimon, President Obama’s “Favorite Banker” has stolen another home. This time it is my family’s home in Sedona!
I will begin at the end or at least what appears to be the end of the American Dream for my family in Sedona Arizona.
My wife and I have spent the last five days emptying our home of nine years of our personal effects and belongings in red rock country. This is the day that Chase Bank, in collusion with Fannie Mae, through their lawless and reckless banking crimes, may have finalized the stealing of our home. We have engaged in an expensive and time-consuming protracted legal battle with these criminals, looking for an honest judge who will expose the False and Forged Documents used by the Banks to steal out home.
The knock at the door is the Coconino Sheriff; he is here at our home to enforce for the Banksters, under the color of law, what has become a Two Tiered Justice System in Arizona and America. I am forced to relinquish my house “vi et armis”.
The Sheriff, who has sworn an oath to uphold the Arizona constitution, “to serve and protect me” instead he is here now as the enforcement arm of Bank. He is here now to throw me and my family out into the street, my wife Mary, my daughters Isabelle and Bridey, our two cats Tangelo and Junior, our two dogs, Molly a pit-bull, rescued when she was locked in a foreclosed house and Scout, rescued from a shelter in Flagstaff.
The officer is with two women, Kathy and Shea, representing Fannie Mae’s local interests, a real estate company called “Options and Opportunity” (A.K.A. an industry of bottom feeding parasites preying on the foreclose crises). This “Writ of Restitution, Assistance or Possession” for Fannie Mae is the final abuse in a long list of dirty trick the banks use to steal homes with the rubber stamp approval of the Courts. This is happening in communities daily in Arizona and across the country. Chase Bank, keeping their bankers hours, are acting as silent financial terrorists and are waging a quiet dirty war on the unarmed civilians’ in this country.
I notice all who came to steal my home “Legal and Constructive Notice” that they are operating with false and forged documents. In my case the Sheriff’s office was issued the writ by the court on July 5th but was not posted at my door until late Wednesday July 24th. When I inquired of the Sheriff what had taken so long to allegedly serve these documents he answered that was the first time he could get to it in his stack that his schedule would allow. When my wife pushed the short notice issue, the sheriff snapped back that we were lucky to have any notice at all. He could have just come and said get out. This shows the intimidation, manipulations and prejudices of the Courts and Banks use to deprive me of due process.
In the “Knock And Nail” service six days earlier by the Sheriff department late on the 24th and showing up promptly at 10 am July 31st to throw my family out of our home and change the locks, is insufficient and fatally defective service. Yet it was still allowed to move forward by the Judge in Flagstaff, who had been surreptitiously meeting with the Fannie Mea attorney since June 19th, without my knowledge or my Attorney present. This robbed me of my due process in the Arizona Courts.
Even with the short fuse afforded me by the Sheriff’s office and the Court, I submitted two emergency motions, both of which remain pending before the Superior Court. This is not a fair and meaningful speedy trial, but rather a rush to judgment. Justice is blind and swift for the Banks in Arizona. This is a reckless combination, favoring the Banks stealing people’s homes, leaving them homeless.
The False and Forged documents that Fannie Mae use in their daily business model, in collusion with Chase Bank, is a game of “Three Card Monty” where the homeowner always loses. The silent victims of these Banking crimes are afforded no justice.
Let’s look at the historical Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Chase Bank Business model – J.P. Morgan circa 1913: “Capital must protect itself in every way... Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as possible. When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principle men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capitalism to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd.” This may be the last truly honest statement spoken by any one from J.P. Morgan Chase Bank.
Today, one of the numerous problems with J.P. Morgan Chase SOP is that when they took over the assets of WaMu, the mortgage loans and notes “owned” by WaMu were never transferred to Chase, therefore, Chase never had any right or legal standing to foreclose on any loan or deed of trust that was not transferred to Chase Bank. That is the law.
Here is what Lawrence Nardi discovered in his position as the mortgage loan management/loss mitigation team Manager for WaMu and Chase Bank. Nardi provided valuable information about how Chase deals with mortgages and securitizations, during his deposition taken May 9, 2012. Nardi made the incredible revelation that the WaMu loans and supporting deeds of trust were never transferred to Chase when he admitted there is no schedule of mortgage loans evidencing what JPM allegedly “purchased” from the FDIC in connection with the failure of WaMu.

That being the known truth in this case, then how is it that Jamie Dimon and his Bank are able to destroy my family’s life in Sedona and steal my home with false and forged documents with impunity?
The simple answer to this complex legal question is, they cheat.
While most Americans are trampling each other at Wal-Mart on Black Friday every year for cheap appliances made in China. Chase and the other major Banks have quietly been trampling on the American Dream and they have spared no expense acquiring real power. They have purchased the very best Lawyers, Rating Agencies, Politicians, Judges, Courts, Government Regulating Agencies, Insurance Companies, Media and Law Enforcement, that money can buy.
The facts and the evidence in this matter is that even when Chase breaks the law nothing happens. The Federal Banking Regulators, The Comptroller Of The Currency, The Board Of Governors Of The Federal Reserve System, Independent Foreclosure Review and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne have all concluded that I was correct all along and was damaged in this matter, that remains currently before the Court. They sent me letters and checks stating that the documents that the Chase Bank and Wa Mu used were “deficient mortgage servicing and foreclosure process”.
Chase took our Taxpayers Tarp Bailout and the Mother Of All Sweetheart Deals “To Big to Fail To Big to Jail” with the government. As part of the agreement, Chase and other Banks “Admitted No Wrongdoing” during the Independent Foreclosure Review and Settlement. They entered into a plea deal that sold out the victims of the crime and protected the criminals at the Banks. This allowed the Banks to, in effect, be bailed out again and pay pennies on the dollar to me and other home owners who were victims of their fraud. Oh yes, and let’s not forget, the Banks still get to keep the stolen property and no jail time, so the Banks, are at this point, quite literally, above the law.
In the last moments before I was forcibly removed from my home, as they were unlawfully changing the locks on my doors, I posed a couple of question to the agents from “Options and Opportunity”. I asked them if they found it difficult to come to work and brutally participate in the foreclosure process, seeing the human suffering up close that illegal foreclosure inflicts on families. I also asked as to how most people react when they are having their home stolen and family uprooted? The agents replied that they actually did not want to come to our home this morning because they knew that we would be there and that hardly ever happens as most of the homeowners have vacated their homes by the time the Sherriff and the Fannie Mae brokers arrive to steal the property.
The officer confirmed that most homes are indeed vacant and I asked him why he thought that most homeowners leave before the Sheriff arrives to enforce the Bank’s crime with a writ. He said that in his job he sees lot of things and he has no earthly idea what makes people do many of the things they do. So the cruel truth is that the various perpetrators and parasites in this industry do not even have to bear witness to the actual devastating human effects of this financial terrorism.
So, now it is brutally obvious to me that there is a huge disconnect between the financial cowards that inflict terrorism from their offices, and the human carnage rendered daily through these unlawful foreclosures. The blood, sweat and tears of their victims go unnoticed as they are crushed by the Banks financial terrorism. It reminded me of the time when my wife and I stood on the Flagstaff Court House steps as the auctioneer called out the foreclosure notices to so many properties, including our home. We were the only people there as witness to the crimes. As with any criminal extortion racket, it only continues to work if the victims remain silent.
The criminals, like in all crimes of this nature, rely on the victims never reporting it and remaining silent, for the Banks, this silence is golden. Criminal Foreclosure exploits human frailty. The victims are your neighbors, families and friends in your community that suddenly and quietly move out of their homes. They endure this humiliation and gut wrenching loss silently wrapped in the shame and stigma and blaming themselves, thinking they could have done something more to prevent losing their home. They hang their heads and walk away meekly without a word or day in Court, to pick up the pieces of a shattered life.
The dirty little secret is that the game was fixed all along. The average home owner was sitting at the table of the American Dream thinking it was an honest game and forgot the first rule from Amarillo Slim, “If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, you are the sucker.” Our Government, the Courts and Banks all knew the fix was in, and we home owners, were the suckers.
Matt Taibbi did an excellent job covering these Banking Crimes in a series of articles for the Rolling Stones Magazine. He summed it up best in his article from April 25th, 2013, “Everything Is Rigged”. “You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.” I can confirm that it is no secret to any of us in the trenches fighting this battle against Banking Crimes in the Courts, which the Banks always win, in and out of court. The end result of the epic failure of the Obama administration’s banking policy is leaving 4.4 million families, including mine, most illegally thrown out of their homes and into the streets.
To add insult to injury, Chase Bank also prospers on the back end of the deal as they have been chosen by our government to issue Visa cards to provide your unemployment and food stamp benefits when you become homeless.
This failed policy of the Obama Administration is equivalent to a financial drone strike on hard working Americans. Mr. Obama’s’ early and empty promises of “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” have been Sold Out to the Banks for “Hopeless and Spare Change” and “Yes We Can Change Your Locks”. These stealth banking crimes, condoned by our government and board rooms across the U.S., are carried out every day in the Bank’s very own Private Court System.
Make no mistake, the Banks, not the Court, are in control. The Banks own and operate the Courts and the Government. Where there was once Life, Liberty and Justice for all in our Courts, you will find pathetic Bureaucrats rubber stamping Banking malfeasance. The new Law is “Yes We Can” let the Banks be Judge, Jury and Executioner of this failed Obama policy. The flimsy false veneer of banking laws, lobbied for and created by the Banks, is now in full force, allowing them to swindle hard working Americans. The Arizona State and Federal Courts should be ashamed for turning their backs on the Law and the American people. The Courts have become nothing more than a one stop shop for Bank crimes to be legitimized.
Mr. Jamie Dimon is apparently morally bankrupt, and like all common criminals and Bullies, a coward. However, everyone involved in the fraud, including his Washington cronies, government regulators, enforcement agencies and the U. S. Courts can no longer remain willfully ignorant of the gore and collateral damage and human suffering inflicted. They certainly can no longer have “Plausible deniability”, as they are stealing homes with false and forged documents and committing fraud upon the Courts and the American people.
Chase and other Bankers now know they can act with impunity. They will endure a little “slap on the wrist and the small fines” that is passing for Banking Justice Today. Because Chase knows this, they will continue to slap the victims of this crime in the face and kick them out of their homes. The Victims of these Banking Crimes get kicked out of their homes for pennies on the dollar. Why wouldn’t Banks continue the fraud they got the “Change They Can Believe In” when Obama was elected, as there is money to be made in stealing homes, the victims very rarely fight back and they have a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”?
For those of you keeping score at home, the numbers do not lie. To date in 2013, ZERO Bankers in Jail and estimated 4.4 million completed foreclosures since the financial crisis began gutting the American Dream; meanwhile, looming on the horizon it is estimated that an astonishing 2.3 million of all mortgages are seriously delinquent, meaning when mortgage payments are delinquent for 90 days or more.
Enough is enough! Forget Occupy Wall Street, it is time to break the silence, stand up and Occupy Our Homes and force the Banks to stop stealing our property with false and forged documents!

I personally will not stand down and be a silent victim of these financial terrorists, but will continue to fight for what is just and right as a homeowner and an American. However, we as a group must not remain silent victims to the greed and arrogance of these Banks because their crimes are not just are stealing our homes, but also our country.
Just because Bank crimes are being condoned by our Government, under the color of Law, does not make it legal. It is reprehensible for our Government to plea bargain our family’s security and happiness away to unscrupulous Banks and allow them a free ride with, we “Admitted No Wrongdoing”… Translations; if you’re a victim of the Banks Crimes, here is your check, now shut up and move out.
Mr. Jamie Dimon, give us back our homes that you have stolen, then you may “Admit No Wrongdoing”!
My wife and I stand together now at the end of our driveway, we hug. We are locked out of our family home for 10 years in Sedona, with still no response from the Court. The heat of the mid-day Arizona sun beats down on us, however we are not beaten; we have each other and our daughters. We are not locked out of our hearts that made this house a home. We will rebuild our lives from the Lawless Anarchy of the Two Tiered Justice System called U.S. Courts and the Crony Capitalism Banking System that have destroyed my family’s hopes in the American Dream.
All of us need to hold the Banks accountable NOW for their ongoing financial terrorism and crimes. Otherwise, it will be too late to save what is left of your part of the American Dream and it will be business as usual and nothing will change, except the locks on your Home!

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