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Well, so he answered some questions, but here's some more.
 #AskObamaHousing- President Obama, what is being done, about these private hedge funds, that suddenly come up with false paperwork that has been missing for years, with no assignments , no Allonge, nothing to show where they got them from and courts allowing this as proof , they own a note?

#AskObamaHousing -President Obama, Land records not recorded to show proof of ownership, and Judges FIXING them, this clearly shows Title Fraud, and leaves the homeowners in a situation of someone coming back to them, down the road creating more problems. The homeowners have a right to know who has their homes, and this is being denied by Judges across the country, and here in VT.

#AskObamaHousing -President Obama, What about Chase and the FDIC , allowing foreclosures of Washington Mutual and Long Beach Notes, that clearly were not there's to begin with? Example# Yes, we OWN both your  notes ( Chase explains) they send you all the paperwork, the note, the mortgage, HUD papers. Everything is now in order and for the first time in 5 years , someone actually shows they own the note and mortgage Started in Sept 2006- Its now Summer of 2011 . Yet, the Judge who never saw this paperwork, allows in Dec 2008, Deustsche Bank to intervene saying, we bought the note in Sept 2006, yet, no land records recorded, no papers to show proof, no Bill of Sale that directly showed ownership ( they will make some up in 2012) Than in 2010 sells the note , still not showing how they bought it, to Archbay Holdings LLC 2010B - and than they sign land records, ( which still clearly show on the town records Long Beach Mortgage owns its , and this is in 2010) Their is NOTHING  on the record that shows Deutsche Bank ever owned this note or was given to them by, Washington Mutual, Long Beach or Chase, Yet, the Judge allows Archbay to intervene.. still no proof of ownership. ( private Hedge fund that failed in 2012, and was taken over by York who funded it and removed all employees and CEO) Than after almost a year of Chase saying they owned it, they come back and say Oh, we made a mistake , were sorry,. we never owned the first note or had it in our possession! HUH? Yet, they sent all the papers and even CC the VT States Attorney and the OCC in 2011 , telling them as well they owned it. Suddenly, Archbay sells it to Roosevelt Mortgage and low and behold they have ALL the paperwork in 2013~The Judge sees it , and gives them my home! I have spent over 70,000.00 and I didn't get a federal bail out check, because I believed Chase! I am now selling my business to save my home, because all my savings , EVERYTHING is gone, because of of theft and loading the courts with paperwork to stall, for 7 years! Not to mention a Judge who just wanted this over , not allowing my lawyer or I to see how this note went from Long Beach to ending up in Roosevelts hands with all the documents that were never there before., or allowing me my rights to appeal. 
I was charged for insurance ( I had insurance) Its an outrageous sum.
I was charged 365.00 for a drive by appraisal ( he stated the house was worth 160,000.00- 165,000.00 when a honest appraiser came just a year and a half before and appraised it at 117,000.00. )
 OH, and I forgot to mention, how Chase in late 2012 stated after reviewing there records-AGAIN - nothing ever showed of a sale to Deutsche Bank only servicing transferred to Select Pro-Folio Services on Oct 2006, in which Washington Mutual remained as Master Servicer, which is how Chase had the original documents to begin with! Not to mention , how, even Select Pro-Folio Services lawyer never heard of Deutsche bank owning the note in OCT 2008. 
So whats your take on this question President Obama?  
 #AskObamaHousing -President Obama,Are you aware of the many frauds still happening in this country? My answer is NO. People are subject to this still , happening NOW, and its being done by Hedge Funds being funded by the BIG Banks to hide the fraud and are still taking peoples home! What is being done about this? I know , NOTHING!

 #AskObamaHousing -President Obama- How about you, come to these actual foreclosures, or with the Sheriffs and see for yourself the abuse actual homeowners you FORGOT, are enduring. Or how about you tell the children and the families, that nobody will work with you , because they want the homes because they can't rewrite these notes! How about YOU, take a stand for these people, like you promised during the re-election.

#AskObamaHousing -President Obama- I forgot to mention to you, I went looking for these people myself  and to try and find the truth of who owned my home in 2008, because I knew when Deutsche Bank stepped in, something was wrong, I thought I found it when Chase said after 5 months of looking , that they owned my home and, even told my lawyer they owned my note  and  would work with me to  fix the problems so I could pay for it, see I wasn't  trying to do anything but PAY for my home , that was over appraised by Long Beach appraisers, and nobody would let me.. Nobody wanted my money, just my home. 
I also forgot to mention that a week after Chase claimed they made a mistake , satisfied the second mortgage paid in full and stated it on the credit report and with town records as well . Not a dime was paid for it , but they wrote it like it was and did I forget to mention how Long Beach still has an open foreclosure on record for the first note that dates back to May 2006? So this ends my story.. but sir, there are millions more.  
It would be nice to have these questions answered - #AskObamaHousing

Obama Takes to Social Media to Address Housing Issues

President Barack Obama, fresh off discussing the potential elimination of government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)—Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, discussed his housing plan online, fielding questions from Vine, Twitter and other social media outlets using the hashtag #AskObamaHousing for a virtual roundtable discussion. Questions for the President began pouring in well before the designated start time and varied from topics, such as cities facing monumental foreclosures (like in Detroit), to what proposed initiatives have been outlined for those with already-existing portfolios. While the President was unable to field every question, he answered quite a few.
Calling the roundtable, A Better Bargain, the President, along with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff moderated the event. While some of his answers were fairly standard, the President tackled a few curveballs, notably indicating that he is still pushing for a government refinance program, with interest rates being so low.
Obama also praised those who wish to rent, which he describes as a “safe” alternative to purchasing a home. Not long after giving that response, Obama answered a question regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with "You can't have a situation in which the government is underwriting and guaranteeing all the mortgage lending,” adding, “The private market can step in and do a good job and government can be a backstop." This is, of course, alluding to the work that Sens. Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Michael Crapo (R-ID) have been doing in their efforts to outline the potential dissolving of the GSEs.
The President also indicated that change isn’t immediate and that new laws and regulation could take time. The concept of shocking the market with such an abrupt change isn’t something that anyone in the Obama White House is looking to do.
"This is something that would have to be phased in,” Obama said.
Obama also put an emphasis on the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Bureau's push towards transparency. "The more knowledge consumers have the more empowered they are going to be,” Obama said.

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