Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pennsylvania Citizens Action Network

A good friend introduced me to this page on Facebook. I found this article and had to share it, because it stands for the truth, of what we are all enduring today . God help our country, we need a miracle.

From time to time we realize that things are changing. Well Today should have been a wake up call to All Americans. Detroit, the birth place of American cars, announced that they filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. For the last couple of years there have been smaller cities/towns like San Bernardino, Mammoth Lakes, Stockton City, Jefferson County, Harrisburg (Dismissed), Central Falls, and Boise County (Dismissed). Our cities are going broke, our country is going broke, but our government spends billions of dollars every year in Foreign Aid. We spend billions of dollars on the "war on drugs". Our Prison system gets more money than our School System. Murder trials get more attention on the news than issues like NDAA passing or NSA spying on us. This country has become the new Roman Empire. The middle class and the poor have no voice. The minorities have no voice. Celebrities have a stronger influence on the American People than the real issues that surround us. When did we become a nation that does not care about the people? When did we become a nation that only cares about war? What happened to the home of the brave and the land of the free? We have become the home of the weak and the land of the police state. We as a nation have allowed our government to slowly take away our freedoms and liberties. We are a nation that says "I have nothing to hide so let them spy on me." We are a nation that is willing to give up our rights in order to receive "protection from terrorists". We need to stand up and take back our nation. We need to fight for our rights. When is it enough already? We need to petition our government. We need to Stand up and protest. Please stand with me on September 11th, 2013. Let us Occupy D.C. If you like my message please share my message. Create fan pages help me spread the word. Let Us All Unite and make this happen. God Bless every one.
Go to Facebook and add this wonderful page to your favorites, you won't regret it. Its not about political favorites, its about PEOPLE.

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  1. thank you Tom Casper for such an articulate article that touched so many people you have the art to write what we feel and the grace to do it eloquently