Monday, July 8, 2013

If Citi Bank has your mortgage

 If Citi bank has your mortgage - demand they not sell it to  Penny Mac- they are the Country Wide employees who got us into this mess. Call CITI and demand they keep your Mortgage. These people will lie, cheat and steal your homes, and their will be no work outs , and the ones that are will fail. Like the past they won't have the actual paperwork and watch out for Orion Financial Group, Iron Mountain on them papers.

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust has inked a deal to buy $140 million of nonperforming mortgages and residential “real property” from Citigroup for a sum to be determined in the future.
Citigroup, which runs an active NPL trading desk, acquired the assets from an unnamed “large money-center bank,” according to a new filing with the SEC.
The NPL purchase was the second deal announced by PennyMac in the past 30 days. The other involved the purchase of $257 million of mortgages in mid June.
PennyMac and Citigroup have done business in the NPL space before. Citigroup also has been a repo lender to PennyMac.

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