Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evidence Establishes the FDIC Assigned WAMU Loans to Trusts

Evidence Establishes the FDIC Assigned WAMU Loans to Trusts



On August 30, 2012 at 12:02 PM a "Corporate Assignment of Deed of Trust" was recorded in Recorder's Office of Los Angeles County, California as Instrument #20121302084 for Washington Mutual Bank FA Loan for which a Deed of Trust made by John Manos was recorded May 18, 2007 as Instrument # 200071214434 for a property known as 5630 Foothill Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301.

The said Instrument states:

Contact JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A. for this instrument 780 Kansas Lane, Suite A, Monroe, LA 71203, telephone # (866) 756-8747, which is responsible for receiving payments.
FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned, FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, AS RECEIVER OF WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK F/K/A WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK,FA, WHOSE ADDRESS IS 700 Kansas Lane, MC 8000, MONROE, LA, 712-3, (ASSIGNOR), by these presents does convey, grant, sell, assign, transfer and set over the described Deed of Trust without recourse,representation or warranty together with all right, title and interest secured thereby, all liens, and any rights due or to become due thereon to U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE AS SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO LASALLE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR WAMU MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES SERIES 2007-HY7 TRUST, WHOSE ADDRESS IS 700 KANSAS LANE,MC 8000, MONROE,LA 71203 (866)756-8747, ITS SUCCESSORS OR ASSIGNS, (ASSIGNEE).
This Assignment was executed on August 10, 2012 for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, As Receiver of Washington Mutual Bank F/K/A by JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, its Attorney-in-Fact Melissa J. Riley whose Power of Attorney was recorded February 24, 2011 as Doc # 20110317.  It was notarized by Helen P. Tubbs on August 10, 2012 at Parish of Ouachita,State of Louisiana.


Now we have evidence of the FDIC's assigning WaMu loans to the Trusts for "valuable consideration" in violation of New York & Delaware trust laws and IRS REMIC provisions. This is quite unbelievable! So why this loan in particular? Without any schedules of assets ever being produced, how do they decide which ones will be assigned to the trusts from the FDIC, and which ones assigned from Chase? Either way it is illegal!
So now we know with certainty that at least some of the WaMu trust loans were retained on the books of WaMu, which violates the PSA's and the reps and warranties to the investors. There is no other way the FDIC can even attempt this assignment. So now what we have is the FDIC accepting "valuable consideration" for stolen merchandise and dumping the losses onto the REMIC investors. 
Equally interesting is that the designated "Lender" on the Deed of Trust of May 2007 was cited as "Washington Mutual Bank, FA" a bank that ceased to exist in 2005 according to the 2005 10-K filed by Washington Mutual Inc.  Other records indicate that in 2006 that Washington Mutual Bank had ceased doing business as Washington Mutual Bank, FA.
And so the plot thickens!


  1. And the reason that the two addresses--looking to be the FDIC, and the US Bank Series series.Wamu and --are the same ("700 Kansas Lane....")???? I have a similar assignment I am contestng, with JP MOrgan and Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co. and a Long Beach Series... as respectives. Some kind of weird intermingling of all these entitiies?

  2. Actually pretty easy . Long Beach Mortgage and Wamu used Deutsche Bank ( also DB Structured Products also Deutsche Bank) as trustee and custodian of there notes. DB was never anywhere on my note or mortgage, and no one knew of them until after the 90 day period when you could contact the FDIC for proof of loan. DB in my case came out in DEC 2008 , saying they bought the loan in Sept. 2006, but never had proof or on my land records to show they owned it, only LB was recorded. JP/Chase had the notes and mortgages and showed proof and a year later lied and stated they never had the first one. ( But they did) They than signed over an assignment dated 5.5 years later to Deutsche Bank who illegally sold it, to Archbay, who than paid Chase pennies on the dollar to re-buy it , and wiped out the second mortgage as good faith so the note could be foreclosed on quickly. The whole process is fraud. Trace your note on the sec site and you will see it never left wamu , and was given to Chase and DB was only a holder or trustee.

  3. Shakti Marquis write your story out and I will publish it and people can help. Send it to me at ttyson3@hotmail.com