Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pay attention its our turn!! Lets take the king of foreclosure down!

If you had a mortgage that eventually ended up with Deutsche Bank, DB Structured Products , DB Home Lending LLC , Mortgage-it, Ace Securities Corp.We can help some people , which in turn can blow the Lid off these vultures scam and fraud of the people of our COUNTRY!  We need to send Deutsche Bank packing and not be allowed to do anymore damage , they have done here.

Lets help these people out , if you had a loan that was bad, you believed held fraud , or lost your home.. and you have your loan numbers that were inside these tranches or could of been - Get a NOTARIZED copy of your loan number and who originated the loan, before they bought them,  the dates and the date that one of the Deutsche Bank affiliates listed above supposedly bought it .. also make sure you let them know if your loan was in a workout or foreclosure at the time.  Here the list below with the email .


We can walk away or fight back - lets fight!!

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