Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wells Fargo Typo Victim Dies in Court

Words cannot express my hatred for this bank or the Judicial system right now. I don't usually use that word, but I can't find  another to express what I am feeling or the anger inside me that is boiling  like a volcanic eruption.

This man did nothing wrong, yet, even this Judge who  should of known  better, was gonna give his condo to  this FRAUD bank. Where did she get her eduction from? Why is she being allowed on the bench!  How in Gods name could she give something to a bank it didn't have a right to? Is she unable to read? Is she clueless about the law? Or was she paid off like people  are now thinking? Do the banks now have the Judicial system as well in their pockets? Its starting to look this way.
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The saddest part of this case is that its happening all over this country. Land titles are also being destroyed. A right as a homeowner that  you should know where your note is being held and by who is being  taken from us as Americans for these vulture banks. Unless you live in Massachusetts, where town employees are fighting back the fraud  and a Justice system who thinks  these rights should be protected . Our  Justice system could learn alot from these Judges,in Mass.  Kudos goes out to these Justices for making a wrong right, and town employees, for taking a stand against this injustice.

Its time people start figuring out this fraud. Banks like Deutsche Bank that were CUSTODIAN HOLDERS for Washington Mutual and Long Beach is a great place to start. Think back to 2008-2009.. The FDIC in Sept. 2008 takes Washington Mutual, gives it to JPMorgan /Chase . A few months later Deutsche Bank comes out of the wood work or their counter parts ( DB Structured Products ) saying we own the notes . HUH? A very large majority of these notes were held by, yep, you guessed it , Washington Mutual and Long Beach. You go to JPMorgan /Chase to find out if its true and they  come back and say , we have no records of transfer or sales of your note, and the fraud begins! The FDIC didn't find these because Deutsche Bank who claims to of had them in their California office or NY, didn't actually have them located their , they were in Germany. ( Thus the missing documents are found)  See, they don't by law have to store them here. They opened a mammoth foreclosure case against our country and became known as the KING of foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank is now coming to court with bill of sales, and employees lying that, say yes, I was part of the sale.( This is after they have sold it but in many cases remain trustee as well for these sold notes and are helped to set up the sale by its counter part DB Structured Products INC) Who in reality never knew a thing till they were pumped with information by the lawyers. These employees also run from the court buildings after testifying in order to not be brought back up to testify again. More fraud upon the court . Names are being entered as if a sale occurred, robo signed by LPS as VP, and Fidelity as Notaries.  Deutsche Bank is than selling in pools of these NPL ( non performing loans because people are fighting to get proof) to private hedge funds and investors ( they don't have disclose anything)  Like Archbay Holdings LLC , Archbay Capital, York Capital, Roosevelt Management LLC, to name a few, who than with DB help to create a sale, than Archbay or whoever will sell to another and create a sale, and the priceless part is when you get down to the second sale. SURPRISE theirs the note and mortgage that couldn't be found prior to Deutsche Bank actually owning it!!   Now , the Judge sees two good sales and says OK, everything looks in order , WHAT!!!! WAIT!!!  why are you saying this, Deutsche bank for 5 years couldn't find any of this paperwork and suddenly it appears.. How? Well, only the big banks know .  They created those two clean sales and now they can foreclose. WRONG, fraud is fraud and this Justice System needs to take notice on that. Deutsche Bank never signed onto the land title as owner when they supposedly bought the home , yet, they write an assignment to your land records that it sold the home to  a hedge fund like ARCHBAY , but the last known owner is Long Beach or Washington Mutual, how can you Deustche Bank clarify that you owned it and had legal rights to sell it?  It can't , it was never recorded as a owner or trustee on your land records, however like I said unless you live in Massachusetts, these uneducated Judges are giving your homes to thieves, riddled with fraud.

This is not right and we need to fight this injustice. Silence is the biggest killer in this country ,stand up and make your voices heard!!

Contact me with your stories - lets fight and make a difference , for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and our country.

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