Friday, February 22, 2013

Is America Lost ?

After eight very long years of working with a Justice system , lawyers ,and banks ,  I have learn a very hard lesson , and that is our system is  broken. Its severely broken in the mortgage world, due to secularization and the fraud that was put upon the people. I know , I am only one of a thousand and so many have been hurt or are going through it now. But , I chose this road, for one reason and that is its time for the real truth and facts to be known. This is our country where Justice should be fair to all , and its not, we need to correct our Judicial process. Judges need to be educated in the laws of secularization, so many are not and this is where the people are being hurt the most. The banks depend on this lack of knowledge to get  what they want. This is our country where land records show the truth and were made for the people to be able to know what was theirs, without doubt or that someone down the road could claim it, and sadly this part of  of our history in America is a dying breed , kinda like our postal system. If we do not take a stand against the banks and our Judicial systems, the American dream will be lost forever, not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren as well . America has lost her way,we allow our civil rights to be slowly degraded - We teach our kids different values than what we grew up with - we lost God in our schools, because some atheists believed we were trampling on their rights, Yet, we allowed our rights to be taken. In the 70's they started the "don't spank rule", time out was better , yeah that one worked out well too didn't it. We lost the family structure, because it was easier to get a divorce than work out our problem, and kids have paid the price since. We taught our children nothing! They have no foundations we had, as children. We taught them to take the easy way out, we gave them such a great gift with this one. We were the generation of the free spirits, Sex wasn't something you waited till you were married to do, it was a free for all, living together was easier than marriage , you could just pack up and move on. Unwed pregnancies, kids having kids, looking for something missing in their lives. Attention, love, something that was their own.. and who paid the price? The child and the child mother. Welfare soared , drugs became the in thing to do , abortions, the family structure was in a decline, yet, we did nothing to stop it.  We did this , OUR generation! Now , we have this new vulture on our backs , after looking back and really opening your eyes to what has occurred are we really gonna stand by and allow this  one to happen as well? We made this so easy for them. We allowed the government to control us , we did nothing to stop it baby boomers, and 70's child. We , yes, it goes back to us, and we still have a chance to make it right, or all will be lost forever, and we truly will be America Lost.

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