Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fake Mortgages Used for Money Laundering

Well, for some it will be hard to wrap your heads around this , for others it will be like a light . Its not just BOA, its all of them, and the worst is Deutsche Bank, now known to many as Blackstone, or DB Structured Products were the past thieves. You can change the names but its all gooes back to the original KING OF FORECLOSURES, they lied and decieved many, and stoled houses that weren't theres, now they are renting them, and selling that on the stock market. How much longer before the FEDS wake up and see this is going to end badly again.

Fake Mortgages Used for Money Laundering at BOA

by Neil Garfield
Darlene Spencer wrote an excellent piece in a comment on our Facebook page. I had heard rumblings from inside the industry when HSBC got tagged for laundering money for terrorists et al. But thus far I have come up with no actual corroborative evidence, which is why I didn't write about it. Darlene explains it so well that I thought I would post it on the blog. I guess the most frustrating thing for us is the total apathy or complicity of government in failing to prosecute those responsible in the banking industry for the gutting of the world economy. The Banks operate in a world of their own behaving as though they are somehow "above" the law. So in the meantime while government sits on its hands, we must win these cases one at a time until we reach critical mass and the whole paradigm shifts.
History is not likely to treat Obama very well on the financial crisis. While giving him well deserved credit for stabilizing a hopelessly unstable situation, the lack of accountability and prosecutions in the financial sector is paving the way for virtually certain disaster. Since wrongdoers escalate when they get away with the last gambit, and we already know the banks are in the process of gaining control of natural resources (having already cornered the world's money supply) the largest threat to world peace now comes from the Banks.
Darlene Writes:
Many of loans were not actual loans. The were multiplied to justify elicit funds going through the system. Securities Mortgage fraud was originally intended to move a large amount of money undetected. For example they would take 10 accounts (mortgage accounts) and those would become shell mortgages in order to justify funds being moved. When they noticed this could actually be more lucrative and remove limits on "trading" it grew into a monster they were not able to control and were not able to confirm what was a real mortgage and what was a shell mortgage. This giving you Securities fraud as well as RICO violations and severe tax evasion.
Bundling was a way to give these so called Blackstone, AIG and many others a way to become " legal laundering systems". Since the Patriot act did not address trust and escrow accounts for real estate this was the way to get under the radar with the "Banking Laws" and at the same time receiving insurance on non-existent accounts thus "Justifying pay outs" This is why the banks want to pay everyone off and keep things quiet. HSBC was not the only bank conducting bad behavior and financing terrorist and drug traffickers. The same one's who conducted this activity would sell their own mother to avoid criminal charges. Bank Of America is under the protection of the CIA d/t their part with Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico and other "high risk operations".
You have only scratched the surface my friend. American citizens who suffered from the "Mortgage Crisis, Life insurance fraud and blatant theft from multiple pension trust theft are the victims but this was merely a front for a much larger scheme right under American noses. You can thank the Bush and Chaney family along with Sullivan family for what has taken place. The Banks can not prove chain of Custody because they can not tell what is real and what is not at this point and in order to cover up the larger scandal many of the documents were destroyed in 2009 when they realized Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama and the FFETF would not be bought. Yes believe it or not President Obama is not part of the "Good Old Boy system" and well Warren is a female who will not be bought out of principle.
The HSBC scandal has scared them back to reality and now they must do anything and everything they can to cover up the larger scandal of violating UN sanctions and disobeying banking laws. Honestly until certain CEO's have criminal charges pressed against them and subpoena the registry of deeds in multiple states the banking system will remain compromised and the leave the US at risk as well as other Countries. I have enjoyed many articles you have written but I believe you have not gone deep enough in order to shine a true light on the situation."

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  1. UPDATE - Suprised? I'm not

    Deutsche Bank bans traders from multi-party chat rooms • 8:35 AM

    The ban for traders in fixed income took effect this week, says a Deutsche (DB) spokesman (currency traders were barred back in February), and comes as the bank (along with others) today was fined nearly $1B for allegedly colluding to rig derivative markets.
    A number of other banks have also banned traders from these chat rooms and JPMorgan is considering doing the same.