Sunday, April 14, 2013

Washington Mutual /JP Morgan Chase/ Deutsche Bank

Here is some information for Washington Mutual Mortgage , Now held by JP Morgan Chase

JPM Subsidiary (Subsidiaries of the Registrant) Of Wamu

Ahmanson Land Company
Ahmanson Marketing, Inc.
CRP Properties, Inc.
ECP Properties, Inc.
HMP Properties, Inc.
FA California Aircraft Holding Corp.
Pacific Centre Associates LLC
WMRP Delaware Holdings LLC
WMICC Delaware Holdings LLC
Irvine Corporate Center, Inc.
North Properties, Inc. New Jersey
Rivergrade Investment Corp.
Savings of America, Inc.
WaMu Insurance Services, Inc.
Washington Mutual Community Development, Inc.
Pike Street Holdings
Providian Bancorp Services
Second and Union, LLC
WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp.
WaMu Capital Corp.
Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corp.
WM Asset Holdings Corp.
WM Marion Holdings, LLC
JPMC Mortgage Funding LLC
WaMu 2007 MF-1 Trust
Washington Mutual Preferred Funding LLC
Wamu 2006-OA1
Wamu 2007-Flex 1
WaMu 2008 SFR- 2
Washington Mutual Home Equity Trust

Unfortunately they did not want Long Beach  loans.
In connection with the Washington Mutual transaction, JPMorgan Chase acquired certain loans that it deemed to be credit-impaired. Wholesale loans with a carrying amount of $135 million at December 31, 2009, down from $224 million at December 31, 2008, were determined to be credit-impaired at the date of acquisition. These wholesale loans are being accounted for individually (not on a pooled basis) and are reported as nonperforming loans since cash flows for each individual loan are not reasonably estimable. Such loans are excluded from the remainder of the following discussion, which relates solely to purchased credit-impaired consumer loans.

If you had or have problems with Deutsche Bank  Go here
look them up ( ones you can) Seems DB has alot of privacy ones attached as well .

Find the

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