Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How To Spot Fraudulent Mortgage Documents

If MERS is listed on your Deed of Trust there’s a better chance than not the there is fraud involved in your mortgage documents. MERS was used by the Wall Street Banks to avoid paying county recorder fees and real estate transfer tax fees.   You will need to visit your County Recorder’s office to obtain copies of all of your real property records from the first filing on your current loan up to today.
The items below are just a sample of what one should look for, these were written by Max Gardner:
1.     The Mortgage or Deed of Trust is assigned from the Originator directly to the Trustee for the Securitized Trust.
2.     The Mortgage or Deed of Trust is assigned months and sometimes years after the date of the origination of the underlying mortgage note.
3.     The Mortgage or Deed of Trust is assigned from the initial aggregator directly to the Securitized Trust with no assignments to the Depositor or the Sponsor for the Trust.
4.     The Mortgage or Deed of Trust is executed, dated or assigned in a manner inconsistent with the mandatory governing rules of Section 2.01 of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.
5.     The assignment of the Mortgage or Deed of Trust is executed by a legal entity that was no longer in existence on the date the document was executed.
6.     The assignment of the mortgage or Deed of Trust is executed by an entity whose name is different than the entity named in the original document (i.e., National City Bank Corporation in lieu of ABC Corporation as a division of National City Bank).
7.     The assignment was executed by a party pursuant to a Power of Attorney but no Power of Attorney is attached to the instrument or filed with the instrument or otherwise recorded with local land registry.
8.     The mortgage note is allegedly transferred in a single document along with the Mortgage or Deed of Trust (i.e., “Assignment of the Note and Mortgage”).  You cannot “assign” a mortgage note.  You can only “negotiate” a mortgage note under Article 3 of the UCC.
9.     The assignment is executed by a party who claims to be an “attorney in fact” for the assignor.
10.    The assignment is notarized by a notary in Dakota County, Minnesota.
11.    The assignment is notarized by a notary in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
12.    The assignment is notarized by a notary in Duval County, Florida.
13.    The assignment is executed by an officer or secretary of MERS.
14.    The assignment is notarized by a secretary or paralegal employed by the attorney for the mortgage servicer.
15.    The assignment is executed or notarized by an employee of MR Default Services, Promiss Solutions LLC, National Default Exchange, LP, LOGS Financial Services, or some similar third-party.
16.    The endorsement on the note is actually on an allonge affixed to the note.  In most states, an allonge cannot be used if there is a sufficient amount of room at the “foot” or the “bottom” of the original note for the endorsement.
17.    The allonge is not “permanently” affixed to the original note. The term permanent excludes the use of staples and tape and as a result you must use a sold fastener such as glue.  Allonges are commonly referred to “in the business” as “tear-off fraud papers.”
18.    The note proffered in evidence is not the original but a copy of the “certified copy” provided to the debtors at the closing.
19.    The note is endorsed in blank with no transfer and delivery receipts.  It is fine to endorse a note in blank, in which case it becomes “bearer” paper under the UCC.  However, in order to prove a true sale from the Sponsor to the Depositor you must have written delivery and transfer receipts and proof of pay outs and pay in transactions.
20.    The note proffered in evidence is not endorsed at the foot of the note or on an affixed allonge.
21.    The assignment of the mortgage or deed of trust post-dates the filing of the court pleading.
22.    The assignment of the mortgage or deed of trust is executed after the filing of the court pleadings but claims to be “legally effective” before the filing.  For example, the deed of trust is assigned on June 1, 2009, with an effective date of May 1, 2007.
23.    The parties who executed the assignment and who notarized the signature are in fact the same parties.
24.    The signor states that he or she is an “agent” for the executing entity.
25.    The signor states that he or she is an “attorney in fact” for the executing entity.
26.    The signor states that he or she is an employee of the executing entity but claims to have custody and control of the records of the entity.
27.    The signor of the document makes statements about the status of the mortgage debt based on his or her review of the “records of the plaintiff” or the “records of the moving party.”
28.    The proponent of the original note files an Affidavit of Lost Note.
29.    The signor claims that the allegations in the court pleading are correct but the assignment of the mortgage and/or delivery and transfer of the note occurs after the law suit or the motion for relief from stay was filed.
30.    One or more of the operative documents in the case is signed by one of the attorneys for the mortgage servicer.
31.    The default payment history filed in the case is prepared by the attorney for the mortgage servicer or a member of his or her staff.
32.    The affidavit filed in support of legal fees is not signed by an attorney with the firm involved in the case.
33.    The name of one or more of the signors is stamped on the document.
34.    The document is a form with standard “fill-in-the-blanks” for names and amounts.
35.    The signature of one or more parties on the document is not legible and looks like something a three year old might have done.
36.    The document is dated and signed years before the document is actually filed with the register of real estate documents or deeds or mortgages.
37.    The proffered document has the word C O P Y stamped on or embedded in the document.
38.    The document is executed by a notary in Denton County, Texas.
39.    The document is executed by a notary in Collin County, Texas.
40.    The document includes a legend “Hold for” a named law firm after recording.
41.    The document was drafted by a law firm representing the mortgage servicer in the pending case.
42.    The document includes any type of bar code that was not added by the local register or filing clerk for such instruments.
43.    The document includes a reference to an “instrument number.”
44.    The document includes a reference to a “form number.”
45.    The document does not include any reference to a Master Document Custodian.
46.    The document is not authenticated by any officer or authorized agent of a Master Document Custodian.
47.    The paragraph numbers on the document are not consistent (the last paragraph on page one is 7 and the first paragraph on page two starts with number 9).
48.    The endorsement of the note is not at the “foot” or “bottom” of the last page of the note.  For example, a few states allow an endorsement on the back of the last page of the note but the majority requires it at the foot of the note.
49.    The document purports to assign the mortgage or the deed of trust to the Trustee for the Securitized Trust before the Trust was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  This type of registration is normally referred to as a “shelf registration.”
50.    The document purports to transfer the note to the Trustee for the Securitized Trust before the date the Trust provides for the origination date of instruments in the Trust.  The Prospectus, the Prospectus Supplement and the Pooling and Servicing Agreement will clearly state that the pool of notes includes those originated between date X and date Y.
51.    The document purports to transfer the note to the Trustee for the Securitized Trust after the cut-off date for the creating of such instruments for the Trust.
52.    The origination date on the mortgage note is not within the origination and cut-off dates provided for the by terms of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.
53.    The “Affidavit of a Lost Note” is not filed by the Master Document Custodian for the Trust but by the Servicer or some other third-party.
54.    The document is signed by a “bank officer” without any designation of the office held by the said officer.
55.    The affidavit includes the following language on the bottom of each page:  ”This is an attempt to collect a debt.  Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.”
56.    The document is signed by a person who identifies himself or herself as a “media supervisor” for the proponent.
57.    The document is signed by a person who identifies himself or herself as a “media coordinator” for the proponent.
58.    The document is signed by a person who identifies himself or herself as a “legal coordinator” for the movant.
59.    The date of the signature on the document and the date the signature was notarized are not the same.
60.    The parties who signed the assignment and who notarized the signature are located in different states or counties.
61.    The transferor and the transferee have the same physical address including the same street and post office box numbers.
62.    The assignor and the assignee have the same physical address including the same street and post office box numbers.
63.    The signor of the document states that he or she is acting “solely as nominee” for some other party.
64.    The document refers to a power of attorney but no power of attorney is attached.
65.    The document bears the following legend:  ”This is not a certified copy.”
66.    The document is signed by:  (these are just a few names, do site search from more robo-signers)

 Donna  Acree
Jose Aguilar
Joseph Alvarado
Felix Amenumey
Natalie Anderson
Pam Anderson
Scott Anderson or by Scott W. Anderson
Pamela Ariano
Leticia Arias
Chris Arndt
Aimee Austin
Gina  Avila
Katrina Bailey
Fern Baker
Janice M. Baker
Lorraine Balara
Steve Ballman
Steve Bashmakov
Michael Bender
Jamie Bilot
Marnessa Birckett
Sarah Block
Janette Boatman
Michele Boiko
Sheri Bongaarts
Beth Borse
Christie Bouchard
Diane Bowser
Christopher Bray
Tammy Brooks-Saleh or Tammy Saleh
Sandy Broughton
Jenny Brouwer
Jacqueline Brown
Paul Bruha
Lins Bryce
Rita Bucolo
Judy Buseman
Butler & Hosch, P.A.
Becky Byrne
Rodney Cadwell
Robin Callahan
Carolyn Cari
Jeffrey P. Carlson
Nancy L. Carlson
Richard J. Carlson
Robin Carmody
Marvell Carmouche
Amy Jo Cauthern-Munoz
Kristi M. Caya
Kim Chambers
Carol Chapman
Keith Chapman
Hari Charagundla
Debra Chieffe
Christina Ching
Dave Chiodo
Jim Clark
Tara Clayton
John Cody
Robyn Colburn
Rebecca Colgan
Karen Cook
Frank Coon
Julie Coon
Julie Cordova
Jeremy Cox
Cathy Crawford
Kevin Crecco
Dave Cunningham
Michael Curry
Nanci Danekar
Amie Davis
Vickie Day
Yvette Day
Teresa DeBaker
Jody Delfs
Richard Delgado
Mike Dian
Dulce Diaz
Larry Dingmann
Kathleen Doherty
Jason Dreher
Jennifer Duncan
Kimbretta Duncan
Ronald Durant
Neil E. Dyson
Shirley Eads
Salena Edwards
Judy Faber
Sue Filiczkowski
Donna Fitton
Sean Flanagan
Angela L. Freckman
Verdine A. Freeman
Eric Friedman
Fedelis Fondungallah
Barb Frost
LeAllen Frost
Fanessa Fuller
Laura Furrick
Sarah Gacek
Judi Gambrel
Elizabeth Geretschlaeger
Peggy Glass
Dory or Dorey Goebel
Alma Gonzales
Eileen J. Gonzales
Kathleen Gowan
Kelly Graham
Steven Y. Green
Steven Grout
Cathy Hagstrom
Michelle Halyard
Craig Hanlon
Michael Hanna
Donna Harkness
Michael Hebling
Renee L. Hensley
May Her
Jim Herman
Laura Hescott
Dave Hillen
Joseph P. Hillery
Craig Hinson
Bob Hora
Teddi Horan
Robert L. Horn
Chrys Houston
JK Huey
Paul Hunt
Vickie Ingamells
Cassandra Inouye
Andrea Jenkins
Ashley Johnson
Mary B. Johnson
Janet Jones
Tina Jones
Peggy Jordon
Etsuko Kabeya
Jamil Kahin
Robert E. Kaltenbach
Pam Kammerer
Gloria Karau
Vishal Karingada
Rhonda Kastli
Andrew Keardy
Patricia Kelleher
Scott Keller
Bryan Kerr
John Kerr
Kim Kinney
Sandy Kinnunen
Vicki C. Knighten
LeeAnne Kramer
Mutru Kumar
Martha Kunkle
Margie Kwaitanowski
Vicki Kyle
Sukhada Lad
Brian J. LaForest
Diane LaFrance
Patricia Lambengco
Kyurstina Lawton
Toccoa Lenair
Bharati Lengade
Lindsey Lesch
Whitney Lewis
Marie Lockwood
Stephanie Lowe
Todd Luckey
Michele Luszcz
Joseph Lutz
Hang Luu
Frank Madden
Lisa Magnuson
William Maguire
Michael G. Mand
Silvia Marchan
Charmaine Marchesi
Brock Martin
Joel Martinson
Denise A. Marvel
Mary Maxwell
Christopher Mayall
Patrick McClain
Mary McGrath
Hattie McLaughlin
Noel McNally
Donna McNaught
Michael Mead
Marcia Medley
Susan Meier
Marisa Menza
Pamela Michael
Linda Miller
Steve Moe
Nancy Mooney
Joanne Moore
Melody Moore
Taylor Moore
Ruth Morgan
Michael H. Moreland
Treva Moreland
Annmarie Morrison
Melissa Mosloski
Kim Mullins
Patricia Murray
Ginny Neidert
Steve A. Nielsen
Susan Nightingale
Colleen O’Donnell
Richard Olasande
Mitchell Oringer
Clothilde Ortega
Amy Payment
Dawn Peck
Bonnie Pelletier
Patte Peloquin
Joseph Pensabene
Kenneth R. Perkins
Jennifer Peters
Charity Peterson
Joyce Petty
Ann Pinto
Ingrid Pittman
Bernadette Polux
Tamara Price
Erika Puentes
Beverly Quaresima
Shivani L. Ram
Antonia Ramirez
Rona Ramos
Myron Ravelo
Peter Read
Keith S. Reno
Anthony N. Renzi
Dawn L. Reynolds
Jeff Rivas
Jose Rivera
Bill Rizzo
Paula Rosato
Margery A. Rotundo
Sarah Rubin or Sara Rubin
Paige Sahr
Tammy Saleh
Kendall Sanders
Cindy Sandoval
Dianna Sandoval
Kimberly Sanford
Josephine Sciarrino
Stephanie Scott
Jenee Simon
Laura Siess
Gregory Smallwood
Rosalie Solano
Erika Spencer
Joseph Spicer
Renae Stanton
Jeffrey Stephan
Maya Stevenson
Richard Stires
Judith Stone
September Stoudemire
Roy Stringfellow
Anne Sutcliffe
Rachel Switzer
Emmanuel Tabot
Mary Taylor
Varsha Thakkar
Bernice Thell
Keith Torok
Deb Twining
Kenneth Ugwuadu
R.P. Umali
Keo Maney Kue Vang
Jason Vecchio
Rebecca Verdeja
Vinod Vishwakarma
Fifi Volgarakis
Janet Vollmer
Kim Waldroff
Linda Walton
Lisa Watson
John Wesley
Katrina Whitfield-Bailey or by Katrina Whitfield or by Katrina Bailey
Joanne Wight
Cathy Williams
Paul Williams
Kristine Wilson
Mary Winbauer
Rebecca Wirtz
Ingrid Whitty
M.E. Wileman ( Orion Financial Group  Southlake, Texas)
Danielle Woods
Janine Yamoah
Jerry Yang
Elizabeth Yeranosian
Mellisa Ziertman
Jan Zimmerman
Stephen Zindler
Katie Zrust

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