Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Washington Mutual loans and Chase

Well if anyone is interested, I know now, after a long hard struggle how at least JP Morgan /Chase does business, especially concerning the so called LOANS THEY NEVER HAD FROM WASHINGTON MUTUAL. Its quite the puzzle , but when you talk to bankers , that Chase screwed over , the puzzle unravels. For those of you who went to Chase and asked them to look for your note from WAMU and were dealing with Deutsche Bank , or Archbay at the time ( or possibly another bottom feeder ) what happens is ( in my case anyway) you have a department called home-lending Dept Of recovery, which is run by Mike Boyle, who researches  your notes. They decide on which notes were forgiven  that belonged to Washington Mutual ( first and second notes) because Chase wanted them off the books and not have to deal with them and that loss was cheaper than the court cost etc( they were learning this fast due to the claims they made with other Wamu notes , in courts across the country.). Now if you were a lucky candidate , one or both were written off, unless a bottom feeder like Deutsche Bank (or DB STRUCTURED PRODUCTS, Archbay, etc) WHO sold them illegally as NPLS to Hedge Funds  and had hoped to get away with it , but Deustche bank knowing they would soon be caught,( I did the research and when the Banks lawyers found out  I was digging, suddenly Chase received  phones calls from the other banks lawyer .Chase sent us a letter stating when and with who this conversation had taken place. This was also when Chase still insisted they owned BOTH my notes and would not release any information to the lawyer)  than Deutsche Bank,   than goes to Chase and pays Chase pennies on the dollar to get one of them notes and than Chase writes off the other note. I had a second Note that after Chase claiming to own BOTH my   Notes,the second Note  was suddenly written  off  as  SATISFIED and the first  Note was  sold to Deutsche, in an under handed deal, (mind ya AFTER Chase stated for months to own the first Notes as well NOW they claim they never had it and their is no proof because the note was sold and Chase destroyed the record. ). However,It doesn't end there ,than Chase writes an assignment dated years after the purchase ( mine was over 5 years later)Now, this is where it gets sticky , because if Chase NEVER had the first note now ,( 10 months later) like they claim, how could they possibly write an assignment of mortgage on a NOTE according to them they never had , so could never see? Wouldn't that be FRAUD by Chase? Than suddenly the bottom feeder claiming to own the note (who never had the paperwork in all these years ) comes forward with it , and Chase suddenly no longer has it and states it made a mistake it never owned the first loan,( because  it has now been sold and destroyed in Chase records) than congratulations , your puzzle is now solved. Chase who believes they can get away with it and has, with I am sure thousands of people, is now gonna get caught in its own web of deceit, because I plan on making this even more public , in order for  lawyers and courts and people who were abused to know how it works.


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  1. Thanks J for passing this forward to the many people who will be able to see it as well and also use it . I have documents too if anyone needs them . I am done being nice .

    1. Also , make sure to tell them to SHARE SHARE SHARE ..

  2. me too -- shared it with many sites -- Michelle Hansen just lost her house yesterday to Jip Morgan Chase -- the judge would not even look at her forgeries

  3. Tell Michelle , go Federal , request a federal hearing and push hard.

  4. Better yet file bankruptcy and than it is federal and the federal courts look at the notes not state.