Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It' all a lie

It is hard to wrap your brain around the profound tragedy of greed defining a whole generation, of brilliant minds figuring out ways to take control of all the mediums of exchange. Who would have believed it? Who believes it now? But I was there. I attended meetings in the early 1970's that laid the foundation for what would be one banking crisis after another as the Wall Street titans plotted to take everything from us -- what little wealth we had, what dignity we had left, what lower we had through voting by buying the levers of power, and understanding they could control the consequences.
Yes, deny everything because from the start the mortgage meltdown was nothing more than elaborate fraud on the citizens of the world, the banking and commerce systems that were bringing us together. Now these ruthless sociopathic titans have cornered the supply of money and further seek to corner the markets in natural resources. To what end? They don't even know. They just want more.
Your note and mortgage were part of a fraudulent scheme designed to defraud investors and government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, thousands if community banks and credit unions eliminating even the illusion of a free market place where everyone had a fair opportunity to grow. Your mortgage and note were evidence of fictitious transactions, as were the initial investments of pension funds and other investors. More fictitious transactions hid the reality while ideological rants reminded us that we should pay our debts but failed to remind us that committing fraudulent acts deserve restitution not rewards.
Follow the money all the way through and you will find the monetary transactions that never match up with the mountain of fabricated, forged paper trails. Follow the money trail and the rush to foreclosure makes perfect sense --- that the lowest proceeds from foreclosure were necessary to perfect the PONZI scheme.; how a performing loan is a liability and how a foreclosure puts a lid on trillions of dollars in liability for the intermediaries that made themselves principals in transactions that were simply loans from groups of investors to the borrower.
See how the loans were paid in full at the time of origination or acquisition and how MERS was only a necessary tool to hide fictitious trades to account for the money stolen from pension funds, investors, borrowers government guarantors and of course the most vulnerable --- the buyers.
Do it through discovery and ask the right questions, demand the right documents in the money trial and compare them with the pile of worthless paper reciting transactions that never occurred. Deny the debt, deny the note, deny the mortgage, deny the assignments, deny the balance they say is necessary to bring the loan current, while investors lose trillions and the proceeds of most payments never went to investors or borrowers but to the intermediaries, the conduits of these pernicious transactions. Follow the Servicer advances and see where that takes you and compare it to the demand for funds from the borrower who owed far less, if anything, to the creditor who was being defrauded by the Wall Street titans.
Not all loans are the same, but most of them followed the same general patterns of conduct. If you are persistent I discovering the truth, it is there to be found. And any good trial lawyer will reveal that truth. Deny everything and make them prove the loan. They can't. .

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