Thursday, September 12, 2013

Here's a surprise Deutsche Bank - say it isn't so !! plus more of the Fabulous Fabs

MORE EMPTY TRUSTS. This time, it's Deutsche Bank
Royal Park Investments v. Deutsche Bank
Excerpt at 440: The need to fabricate or fraudulently alter mortgage assignment documentation provides compelling evidence that, in many cases, title to the mortgages backing the certificates plaintiff purchased was never properly or timely transferred. In fact, plaintiff has conducted investigations on the loans underlying several of the offerings at issue herein to determine whether the loans were properly transferred to the trusts. In each case investigated, the vast majority of loans underlying the offerings were not properly or timely transferred to the trusts. (Same law firm as in Phoenix Light below)

Phoenix Light v. JPM, EMC & Bear Stearns
Excerpts: The need to fabricate or fraudulently alter mortgage assignment documentation provides compelling evidence that, in many cases, title to the mortgages backing the certificates plaintiffs purchased was never properly or timely transferred.
Plaintiffs reviewed the transfer history for 274 loans that were supposed to be timely transferred to this trust. Sixty-six (66) of the loans were not and have never been transferred to the trust. In addition, several other loans that were supposed to be transferred to the trust were transferred to entities other than the trust, but not to the trust. The remainder of the loans (approximately 140) were eventually transferred to the trust, but all such transfers occurred between 2008 and the present, well beyond the three-month time period required by the trust documents and far after the three-month period for the trust to maintain its tax-free REMIC status. In other words, none of the reviewed mortgage loans were timely transferred to the trust, a 100% failure rate

Promissory Notes Used to Build Houses for Groundhogs -- while American homeowners are being illegally thrown out of their debt-free homes. "After my brother-in-law died, I inherited a number of boxes filled with mortgages and stored them under my front porch where groundhogs made a nest of them."
Counterfeit Fortunes for Criminal Fraudsters and the Wicked Switch of Wall Street
Naked short selling of American mortgages and the counterfeiting that resulted are responsible for the present threat to homeowner rights. Dematerialization (computer scanning of mortgage notes) and shredding of documents have stripped the banks of their security interest in the loans. All foreclosures need to end until the truth is told.

I personally destroyed thousands of mortgage documents through the same process using a desk-top scanner. The banks have destroyed their ownership interest (security) in all the mortgages pre-dating the melt-down and beyond; the pink slip no longer exists.
The banks are involved in a systemic criminal theft-by-deception; they don't own the loans they are attempting to mine through foreclosure, refinance, modification, short-sale, deed-in-lieu and reverse mortgage; in each of these processes they are tricking borrowers into returning the signatures they destroyed, in some instances, decades ago. - Michael Keane

 This is a Five ***** read
 Homeowner Can Challenge Mortgage Assignment
The basic requirements of standing are that the plaintiff suffered an injury to a legally cognizable interest and is asserting his own legal rights rather than those of a third party. See id. at 6. Elesh unquestionably meets the first requirement; the recorded assignment constitutes a cloud on his title (the injury), and Deutsche Bank recently relied on the assignment to prosecute a foreclosure action against him.
ELESH v. MERS, Deutsche Bank

  This is a Five ***** read

 It is unforgivable that our own American judges have become co-conspirators to multiple felonies by taking the affirmative step of granting facially void judgments to help conceal the banks' use of counterfeit promissory Notes and other faked documents to steal trillions of dollars of homes in the United States --- and in plain view of the U.S. government, law enforcement and the public.
Your Mortgage Documents Might be Fake!

New Fraud Evidence Shows Trillions Of Dollars In Mortgages Have No Owner
Other evidence of widespread mortgage fraud has recently surfaced. Researchers looked at just one mortgage lender that was a major player in the subprime bubble. They found fraudulent misrepresentations of 9 percent of all loans sold off to financial firms seeking to package up loans into mortgage-backed securities, and in 93 percent of those misrepresentations, the lender knew it was lying about the nature of mortgages it was passing along. The researchers stress that the actual fraud rate is likely higher, as they only searched for two specific forms of misrepresentation.
Despite the growing mountain of evidence of fraud in both mortgage securitization and foreclosures, the federal government’s response has been feeble. The 2012 settlement has failed to stop bank abuses. A much-touted program to provide relief to homeowners failed to serve nearly as many as intended.

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