Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet Ken McLeod

I WOULD LOVE TO MEET THIS MAN. Ken McLeod is a private investigator with 35 years of law enforcement experience in economic crimes. Clients utilize his services for finding individuals (signatories etc.) and developing facts that contradict the facts that the bank attempts to proffer to the Court. Dear Mr. Smith, Last night I watched ‘The Untouchables’, for the second time. This evening a group of my friends and I are going to watch it again. During your interview of Mr. Brewer and the Agent from the FBI, I was struck by the spin these two individuals used as to their stated inability to find ‘anyone’ who could implicate Wall Street in criminal activity. I saw the amazement on your face too at their answers, or, really non-answers. For almost six years thousands of homeowners have been telling their story to uncaring or disinterested law enforcement officials and Judges. The result has not been criminal prosecutions, but rather, these same people being kicked to the street. The regular guy who complains about mortgage fraud is simply labeled a nutcase and summarily dismissed. I am a private investigator and too, battling Wall Street. However, in my case, I treated my investigation less like a search for civil documents and instead a criminal investigation. I tracked down the perpetrators of the actual fraud in companies such as Deutsche Bank, Barclay’s Capital, HomeQ and others. I interviewed these individuals and digitally recorded their conversations. The recordings tell a chilling first person story of fraud and deceit by organizations worth trillions of dollars. Corporate signers and notaries admitting that ‘the documents will never see the inside of a courtroom because they look like right, they have stamps and signatures…” and, “…when I got your phone call for an interview, the first thing I thought about doing was creating a dummy log…”. More importantly though, are the stories about how these interviewees were instructed by their senior managers to knowingly break the law. I sent copies of my recordings to every law enforcement agency I could think of, from local police, the state Attorney General, the FBI, and, the Inspector General of the FNMA and its Senior Special Agent Martin Abad (yes, I recorded him too). Despite pointing out hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud, and an even higher amount in the value of homes taken improperly, the most common response was, as you found out, “This is too big”. Too big to prosecute – tell that to the families who have been removed at gun point from their homes at the behest of the banks and their lawyers. I write to ask nothing of you. You are a superb investigator and ‘get it’. If you would like a copy of my recordings, send me your address and I’ll return a CD or I can send hyperlinks to the streaming audio files I put out of public view on my web site. Best regards, Ken McLeod #1624426 Private Investigator McLeod Investigations (480) 296-8903

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