Monday, March 25, 2013

Just when you think its over they pull a new stunt

1/2 Day E-Signature Crash Course
The fastest way to get up to speed on this strategic technology
The E-Signature Forum for Banking Executives will offer financial services leaders an informative half-day seminar devoted to enterprise electronic signatures. Implementation best practices, a legal and regulatory update, and hands-on demonstrations of typical banking use cases will be featured. The event will end with a special innovation keynote from IBM’s Global Banking Lead, Paul Davis, who will discuss how pressing issues like regulatory changes, the economy, technology and globalization can be harnessed for information-led transformation.
Agenda sessions include:
  • Enterprise E-Signature Best Practices for Banks
  • Key Judicial and Regulatory Developments
  • Enterprise E-Signature Using Case Demonstrations
  • Smarter Banking Through Information-Led Transformation
Well I have gotta say I love this one. No paper trail, no evidence banks free and clear. Gotta love the Government who is suppose to work for us allowing this.

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